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A fairly big update, amazingly - Three Simple Words [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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A fairly big update, amazingly [Jan. 15th, 2008|05:29 am]
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[music |The Killers - When You Were Young]

2007 was a bit of a meh year I suppose, in all honesty, nothing really spectacular happened, either good or bad, life went on and as life was good at the end of 2006 it was good in 2007.


Helen got me my usual mixed bag of nice and funny prezzies, I HAVE A BUMBLEBEE KEYRING :D I also have two copies of POA thanks to some spectacular miscommunication between my mum and my Uncle Mark, thanks guys, love you really. Mum, Dad and Andy all loved their presents (a little going out bag, a really nice, warm fleece and a UFC double DVD respectively) so that's all good, I might well nip home for a long weekend once work gets my leave situation sorted out. I bought Helen a PS2 with Guitar Hero 3 and some Benefit stuff that she really liked :)) - but she's not very good at Guitar Hero yet (Raining Blood IS HELL) Most importantly Helen and I celebrated three years together :D

I want to talk about that a bit, because obviously it's incredibly important and special to me. When I moved up here, I found a few people I knew up here didn't have time for me or *shrug* whatever, Helen wasn't one of those people. I don't think we ever intended to get together, it was a natural byproduct of us spending so much time together, getting on, going places and having fun in each others company. I can remember the night I thought we had a chance perfectly, we were in Cuba Cuba with Dave, Mark, Alex etc. Alex wanted to leave early because his feet were killing him and he hated the music, so we took off, I was away to Newbury for Christmas two days later and Helen knew she wouldn't see me again for ages. For the next few days I was hardly off the phone to her and one evening in a pub with some of the old Newbury Werewolf folks I got a message which nailed it.

"Have things changed with us? You really like me?"


And despite some trouble at the start, with some fuckheads telling Helen that I was 'trouble' and warning her to steer well clear of me, we're still here three years and a marriage proposal later. Those people back in 2005 didn't stop us, nobody's going to stop us and next year, we will have the most perfect wedding day you've ever seen. I'm going to work myself into the ground/find a better paying job to make sure money's no object, and it WILL be at Alnwick Castle (Potterfans, there will be a lot of pics!), come hell or high water.

In other news went a bit nuts last weekend and bought the entire Star Wars saga, 300, Sam's Town by The Killers and a Massive Attack best of for less than £60 - sweet deals! There was also a works night out, which also went like a bomb, enjoyed myself muchly and have made plans with Marie for one of our usual nights of vodka fuelled silliness. Also - memo to Newcastle people, we all need to get together and have a Guitar Hero night, with added alcohol (I do remember drunkenly suggesting this Saturday night) :D

Also - memo to my flist - Helen and I want MORE VISITORS! So far we've only had various members of Helen's family and Marie over, and we want MORE >:) We'll show you a good night out, and Helen's mad cooking skills, so don't be shy, let us know, k?

Hugs to all (especially those of you going through bad times for whatever reason, look after yourselves)

[User Picture]From: sheepwoman
2008-01-23 10:27 pm (UTC)
i am most definitely up for a hero of the guitar variety nite!!! x
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[User Picture]From: my_arrows_aim
2008-01-24 12:11 pm (UTC)
Cool :D Let us know when and you're on!
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