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Death Proof [Sep. 30th, 2007|07:25 am]

James' quick capsule review.

If you like Tarantino in general, you'll like it. The dialogue is spot on, there are some genuinely awesome moments of black comedy, I liked the idea of deliberately messing with the film reels and the audio mixing to get the authentic damaged look on the picture.

The car chase is AMAZING

There's an awful lot of FUCKING swearing, now I know most of you will react with "Duh, it's a Tarantino film, what did you expect?" but seriously, before I went out to see it I had 'Tarantino Day' at home and watched Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill (both parts) and the swearing in all three films is nowhere near as gratuituous as it is in Death Proof, but maybe that's in keeping with the whole 'Grindhouse' project.

And yes, I am annoyed we don't get the full double feature in the UK, that would have been awesome.